24 hour urine collections


1. Decide the day that you are going to do the 24 hour collection. This needs to be a day when you will be able to keep all the urine you produce and put it into the urine container. Organise things the night before so that you are ready to start the collection in the morning

2. When you first get up on that morning empty your bladder by passing urine into the toilet normally.  Do not collect this urine but please write the date and time that you pass it on the  container. This is the start time of the collection. All urine entering you bladder from this time onwards will be collected.

3. After this collect all the urine that you pass during the day and during the night. When you get up the next morning collect the first urine that you produce.

4. That is the end of the collection. Please write the date and time of this last urine collected on the container.

5. Deliver the completed urine collection and request form to the research nurse at your next appointment.

General Advice

  • For accurate results you need to collect all the urine you produce over 24 hours.
  • The urine must be collected in the container you have been given.
  • Always keep the container upright with the top on tightly.
  • The container may already have a little fluid in it. If so, this is a preservative do NOT empty it out.
  • Do not pass urine directly into the container. Use a separate vessel, such as a jug, and pour it into the container immediately afterwards.
  • If you open your bowels please collect your urine FIRST for the collection.
  • If you are female, you should not do the collection during menstruation
  • If you miss some urine please tell us so that we can take this into account.
  • If you finish the collection early or late do not worry if the time is not exactly 24 hours, just make sure that you have written the start and finish times and dates correctly.
  • If you forget to collect some urine please make a note of when that happened and approximately how much urine you missed and let the research nurse know when you hand in the sample.
  • You can download a printable version of these instructions¬†here.

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