Eating out tips

If you eat out on a regularly, you may want to consider the following points:


  • Select fresh fruit or vegetables
  • Avoid soups and broths
  • Choose salads and order salad dressings on the side and use small amounts of them
  • Avoid cured meats, seasoned croutons, cheeses, salted nuts

 Main courses

  • Select meat, poultry, fish or shellfish choices that include the words boiled, grilled or roasted
  • Ask for gravy or sauces to be served separately and use in small amounts
  • Select plain vegetables, potatoes or noodles
  • Ask if food can be cooked without adding salt
  • Avoid restaurants that do not allow for special food preparation (such as buffet style restaurants or fast food chains)
  • Avoid salted condiments and garnishes such as olives

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