OxSalt Booklets etc.

The OxSalt care bundle includes a range of useful resources that you can read and print out if you wish. Click the links below.

The OxSalt Booklet

20120612 salt booklet image 2The OxSalt Lowering Salt for Health  booklet gives you an overview of why and how you can lower your salt intake. You can download or read the booklet here.




handy A4 shopping guide 20120626 Quick Reference Shopping Guide

Why not try using our handy shopping guide to find lower salt alternatives to salty foods. You can look at it or download it here.



20120626 handy salt portion tableSalt Content Portion Table
If you know the amount of salt in 100g of a food and you have a rough idea of the size of the portion that you are eathing, then this handy table tells you how much salt is that portion. You can look at it or download it here.




20120619 salt content bookletDetailed Guide to the Salt Content of Foods

There is a more complete list of foods and their salt content and you can look at it or dowlnload it here.




20120613 food diary front pageFood Diary


Food diaries can be very useful if you want to check how much salt you are eating. You can download a printable food diary sheet here .



OxSalt Presentation


If you are taking part in the OxSalt study there is a copy of the presentation that you will have been shown when you entered the study here.

OxSalt study instructions

How to do a 24 hour urine collection – click here for our web page with instructions  or – click here for a printable set of instructions.

How to measure and record your blood pressure – click here.

Blood Pressure record sheet – click here.

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