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Salty bacon in the news

bacon is a salty food

Bacon is a salty food.

Bacon is a  high salt food and if you are trying to lower your salt intake it is sensible to avoid bacon or lower your bacon intake. However, new data indicates that some bacon products contain much more salt than others.

For more information see this link.

Salt and exercise

Lowering salt is good for the heart.

There is a widespread belief that athletes need a high salt intake. However, sweat actually contains less salt than plasma (the watery part of blood). Therefore, when you sweat, you lose more water than salt and so the levels of sodium in blood actually rise. There is plenty of salt in food and except in extreme circumstances there is unlikely to be any need for salt supplementation.

There is a good discussion of this, including a video on the British Medical Journal website by Timothy Noakes who is an expert in the field. Click here to take a look.

Takeaway Pizza Survey

The campaign group Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has published a survey showing that takeaway pizzas have a very high salt content. You can read about this here.

However, you can make really great pizzas yourself without putting lots of salty food on them.